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Perspective of the creator

I am someone who is actively exploring consciousness and would like to share a meditation and visualisaton technique with you that helps harmonising your relationship with life and gain deeper perspective. I learned it from a Russian consciousness speaker Alexander Palienko.

This shift in perspective releases the “illusion of lack” in experiencing life, and through awareness of oneness with all replaces it with a perspective of deep acceptance and learning.

Start with a few deep breaths and be present in your body. Become aware of your body sensations and emotions. Imagine that you have created this experience by choice. Expand your field of awareness into the surroundings – again take in the perspective of being the creator of this experience. Gradually expand your awareness into the larger space, the city, the internal and external processes within past few days. Expand your awareness into your joys and difficulties that you may have experienced in past weeks or even years. Take in the perspective of actively have chosen and created this experience, in the same way the universe would have - for a higher purpose of learning and experiencing.

It could be learning from a higher perspective than you usually look at life from. Try to discover a new perspective: maybe you are learning the techniques of how the energy of consciousness transfers into physical space, emotions and thoughts. Maybe you are deeply exploring what you are and what you are not. Maybe you are exploring the nature of the cycles and laws of the miracle of life.

Do this in a calm state just using awareness, not judging or analysing - just observe, accept, and imagine that you are the sole creator of all of this. That you chose to experience exactly this life the way it is.

When you have been doing this for about 10 minutes, and have zoomed out or expanded your awareness, perspective and unity with all of your life experience from very near to very far in space, time, and depth, come back to your present moment and look at the more recent situations.

Come back to your emotions, tasks and challenges - and see if from that perspective of being the creator of all your experience, you can see answers, lessons and deep teachings that you have created all of this for.

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