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Just sign up and you can post your idea or blog Please read the below and then login and submit your post. The post will become immediately visible.** 

Radical and wild: does it have the potential to shift the perspective or approach of educators, artists, facilitators, policy-makers?

Adaptable: can the idea be adapted and applied by other educator / artists?

Or is it something you need very specific training or mindset to achieve?

Works: will it contribute to learning*

You may want to include the following:

- Eye catching title

- Short introduction sentence


- Description: What is the Radical And Wild insight or intervention?

- Description: How can this insight or intervention be applied by others

- Finish with a provocative question or request

- Who or what has influenced this approach?

- Your name

- Links to organisations or videos

- Ideally no longer than 350 words


If you have a specific image in mind please ensure you have the rights to this image. Images should be over ( ) in size and be sent in (x) format

*without the likelihood of damaging the lives of individuals and communities

**Radical And Wild reserve the right to choose not to publish if the content isn't consistent with the intended content of this blog.

List of contributors: 

Daniel Smith

James Edleston

Vanessa Faloye

Dan Boyden

Dan Tsu

Ayesha Bhatti

Jean-Claude Cournand

Charo Lanao

Olga Gromova

Chloe Osborne

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